Digital Strategy


We work in partnership via our Digital Service Plans: a monthly retainer of hours guaranteeing that we become the digital extension of your organisation.

We make your goals our goals. To do this, we begin with a discovery process: getting to know your culture, direction, Digital Ecosystem, and translating your business goals to digital goals.

This information will be used to create a measureable and actionable strategy, and a roadmap to how, together, we’ll work to achieve it.

We know that you want to see return on your investment, so we make sure everything is set up from the start to measure how you are tracking toward your actual business goals - not just generating content, likes, or a fancy new website because it’s the thing to do.

People often ask, ‘but what exactly do I get?’. Each organisation is unique, and so are our partnerships. Once we understand your objectives, we will recommend a Digital Service Plan to suit your needs and timelines.

Retainer Provision of 20, 40, 60, 100  Service Hours Per Month

You can use up to 150% of your allowance in any one month and we’ll help manage your work to even it out afterwards. If you have unused time, it simply rolls over. You’re also welcome to decrease or increase your Plan if your needs change.

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