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Client :NSW Department of Education

Link :http://www.dec.nsw.gov.au/


Data Management
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Online Systems Architecture & Design
Software Systems & Integration Solutions

The Challenge:

As government adopts leaner management principles (small government), even established sectors, like education, need to seek out smarter ways to do business, while driving improvements for the state.

We often work alongside IT teams, to assist in helping them meet their goals. With overarching changes in government, the Department’s IT team saw a need to become more efficient. They identified that they needed an improved ticketing system, and the ability to capture and track requests for assistance from across the state, to understand which Schools were experiencing the most difficulties in IT, to know where to dedicate resources and support.

The Result:

A full Business Intelligence Enterprise and Information Management solution was planned, developed and implemented for the Department’s IT team. This involved full data modelling, data warehousing, predictive analytics and the creation of customised bespoke Business Intelligence tools.

In essence, this work provided the infrastructure to collect, store and sort the data that the IT team wished to expose.

The next step was to visualise and expose this data as meaningful business information. Real-time, predictive dashboards were developed, allowing agiler and responsive management from those reviewing the information.

This platform can assist the Department make decisions around providing resources, support and funding to schools experiencing the most difficulties, and can track the change in behaviour year-on-year, to show the impact of targeted IT support over time.


Education dashboard

Education ticketing dashboard

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